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    You Are the Technical Cofounder

    The magic was inside you all along.

  • You Will Learn to Code

    Or the company probably won't happen.
    Nobody will love your startup like you will.


    Tell the Computer What To Do​

    Each language has strengths and drawbacks. Python is our advised first language.

    Start with Learn Python the Hard Way. You can move on to the next section after Exercise 11. If you like learning from videos, consider Treehouse instead. You can also try Exercism for a 3rd teaching style.

    The latter two options will let you get started without configuring your machine, but eventually you will need to set up your machine. That is often the most frustrating part, so don't worry if you wrestle with it a bit.

    Version Control

    Save Your Work, Undo Mistakes and Collaborate

    Start with this git tutorial. You can host your own repository, but if you want to keep it simple, put things on github.

    Production Environment

    Put Your Work on the Internet

    Google App Engine will let you get started faster. It will cost more money if your company gets really big, but that's the kind of problem you hope to have. Work your way down the How-To Guide up to Authenticating Users, then begin skipping around as you need.

    Heroku is offered as a not-Google option. It will take more to get going, but you won't be married to working with Google.

  • If You Get Stuck

    That Is Normal

    Google Your Error Message

    Errors Are Meant to Be Distinctive

    Use quotes around the error message if you are getting too much other stuff. Replace variable names with the word "foo."

    Add Print Statements

    Narrow Down the Problem

    Scatter print statements throughout your code and watch your code run in a terminal. By looking at what print statement was shown most recently, you can see where the computer was right before it crashed.

    Ask a Community

    Somebody's Asked a Dumber Question. Promise

  • Good Luck!